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by posted 09/11/2019

Hey Team Australia!

We have had two great practices and it has been so nice to get to know your girls and really see them learning the sport of field hockey!

This week in practice:

We focused on dribbling both the tight dribble (when an opponent is close) and loose dribble (when we have an open field).  We talked about how it is important to get low with our leg and not bending with our backs.  By the end the girls were really getting good at using their legs and keeping their heads up!  We also discussed the rules of sticklettes and looked at the field layout.  If you get a chance to play with your girls see if they can show you the difference in dribbling.


Our first game is Sunday, September 15  at Conard Turf Field 2.  Please arrive at 9:30am the game is at 10:00 am.  We are the the away team so please wear your RED color socks and the RED side of your jersey.  It might be a good idea to keep both color socks in your bag so that you don’t get stuck with the wrong ones at the wrong game.  Coach Casey is awesome and made some Australia themed hair ribbons for everyone - you are welcome to wear your ribbon on game days or practice!


Some parents have approached us about post game snacks for the girls.  We love the idea however these emails are generated automatically through the website.  Post-game snacks will be covered for the game this Sunday. Going forward, if you email Coach Cheryl ( sometime in the next week (Name & who your daugher is), she will put together a team email distribution list and circulate a sign up sheet.   

We are looking forward to a great season of learning!  Go Australia!

Coach Cheryl, Coach Jen, and Coach Casey

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