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West Hartford Youth Field Hockey By-Laws  


Article 1

The name of the association shall be West Hartford Youth Field Hockey (WHYFH).

 Article 2-Purpose

 1. To promote skill development, sportsmanship, team play, and love of the sport.

2. To create and maintain grade level programs focused on teaching fundamental skills and introducing low-key competition with similar programs in nearby towns in Hartford County.

3. To create a challenging and engaging learning environment where children of differing levels of skill and physical development can learn and enjoy the game of field hockey.

 4. To provide playing time to all participants.

 5. To provide equal attention and support to all participants.

6. To engage adults and experienced high school players to teach, coach and referee the scrimmages and games in which WHYFH players participate.

 7. To grant access to safe, well maintained fields with appropriate equipment and uniforms.

8. To incorporate a nutritional awareness and a health centered lifestyle into our daily practice plan.

 9. To support these young athletes and teach them the skills to achieve their potential and future goals.

Article 3 - Affiliation

WHYFH is a league under the town (of West Hartford) All Sports Council (ASC). We will abide by the governing laws and direction of the ASC. WHYFH shall keep the All Sports Council informed of the names and addresses of the WHYFH Board of Directors.

Article 4 -Principal Office

WHYFH does not have an office location. All mail/ business correspondence will be directed to the League President.

Article 5 -Membership and Meetings

Section A. Any parent or guardian of a child who is registered to play in the WHYFH league shall be a qualified member during the season registered. Qualified member means parents of an incoming 3-8 grade girl residing in West Hartford (or attends WH public schools through Open Choice) who have paid their registration fees as required. Registration fees shall be determined prior to the upcoming season by the Executive Board. A parent/player meeting will be called prior to the start of the fall season.

Section B. WHYFH board meetings will be held quarterly.

Article 6-Executive Board

Section A: Officers The Executive Board shall consist of:  A president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, director of education/coaching, director of sportsmanship, founding members, and other (if needed to replace resigning member and/or have an odd number so no tie in votes). All new members will be voted in by unanimous decision by current Executive Board.

Section B: General Powers

The Executive Board is subject to the by-laws and articles of incorporation of the WHYFH league and the ASC of West Hartford.

 Section C: Terms

All members of the Executive Board shall serve a term of at least three (12 months) full calendar years.

Section D: Requirements

 All members of the Executive Board shall attend all board meetings and at least one (1) member shall attend the ASC meetings.

Article 7- Duties of the Members of the Executive Board

Section A:  President

• Supervises, directs, and controls all of the WHYFH program business affairs

 • At least one of the members of the board must attend the ASC meetings, and report all actions of that body back to the other members of the WHYFH board

 • May appoint any subcommittee she/he deems necessary

 • Must be familiar with the rules and regulations of the USFHA

 • Shall work with the WHYFH coaches to monitor progress and issues with each team, including but not limited to conduct and sportsmanship

• The President will coordinate registration

• The President will coordinate scheduling of games and practices

• The President will seek approval from the other board members for any expense over $100.00

• The director will preserve originals (or copies, if that is all that is available) of all official documents, paper registrations, minutes of meetings, records and reports of the program

 Section B: Board Officers

 • The President will work with the Officers to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the WHYFH web site

• The President will assist in uniform selection and team development


 Article 8 -Funds Management

 • Deposits and Credits: The WHYFH web site allows for on line registration and payment or paper registration and check payment. The WHYFH payment feature is through Sage payments and the money (via credit card) is directly deposited into Berkshire Bank, West Hartford. When paper registration and payment is completed, all forms/monies are sent to:  The League President or designated Board Member.  This money is deposited within 10 days into the WHYFH account.

• The Executive Board shall present once a year, a full and clear financial statement of the business and condition of the organization.

Article 9-Book and Records

 • The WHYFH program shall keep correct and complete books and records of accounts.

o The WHYFH program shall keep minutes of its' quarterly meetings with its' Executive Board

Article 10-Registration Fees

- The WHYFH program will collect from each player at sign ups (beginning May 1 of each year) an amount of money, to be determined, by the board of directors, which is sufficient to cover the anticipated cost of running the program.

o Registration Refunds:

- Full refunds will be given to players who drop out prior to the start of the first practice.

- A 50% refund will be given to those players who drop out during the first 2 weeks of practice.

Article 11 - Coaches

• All coaches' tenure is for the current season only.

 • All coaches must submit to a background check.

• Only if a Head Coach is needed in a division they may move to upper division and bring their daughter up one grade level to play in that division (player will not be able to bring a friend up a level with them).

• A Head Coach may move daughter one grade level up to play on team if they are Head Coach of that team and have other daughter currently on that team.

 • All coaches will:

o Ensure a fun and safe environment for all players while being responsible for their complete supervision

 o Help all players at all levels learn, develop, and improve the skills needed tor the game of field hockey

o Be an example of and teach all players good sportsmanship within each team and between our competitors

 o Adhere to the rules of USFHA

o Be responsible for the return of all WHYFH owned equipment

 o Report to the Executive Board during the season with any issues or concerns that arise

 Article 12- Amendment of By-Laws

 • The foregoing By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed by new By-Laws adopted by a unanimous vote of the entire Executive Board.

o If any parts of the By-Laws shall be held invalid or inoperative for any reason, the remaining parts so far as possible and reasonable shall be valid and operative.

Article 13 – Voting

Quorum and Voting Requirements

A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. The affirmative vote by the majority of the Executive Board at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be required for action by the Executive Board on any matter whatsoever except for those matters for which the vote of a greater proportion of the Board is required by these By-Laws. Article 13 does not apply to the amendment of the By-Laws which instead are governed by Article 12.

Electronic voting via email to the Executive Board is allowed, this is so a vote may be taken during months that a regular meeting is not scheduled, or when an item comes before the board that requires an immediate vote.