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2021 Board of Directors:

President: Melissa Dempsey (dempseymelissa@hotmail.com) 

Vice-President: Erin Ligay (WeHafieldhockey@gmail.com)

Secretary: Melissa Ranks (bogglelover@hotmail.com)

Director of Sportsmanship & Parent/Coach Liaison: Milne Gotthelf (milne.gotthelf@ey.com) (860) 214-6013 (cell)

Director of Finance: Jon Gotthelf (jongotthelf@gmail.com) (860) 625-3936 (cell)

Director of Education/Coaching Advisor: Cathy (Cardini) Callahan (cathycardini@gmail.com)

League Founder: Leigh Kumpa

Founding Member: Sara Musto

Founding Member: Elizabeth Policelli

Member: Megan Baumgartner

Member: Kiley Mattsson


Other WHYFH 2021 Contacts:

Senior Division Coordinator: Melissa Dempsey (dempseymelissa@hotmail.com)

Junior Division Coordinator: Andrea Yuliano (amyuliano@hotmail.com)

Sticklettes Coordinator: Maureen Sweeney (momo1719@icloud.com)

Equipment Manager: Aileen Panarella (nickandaileen@yahoo.com)

Uniform Manager: Kim Parets (kimparets@gmail.com)

Director of Officials: Jane Yousman (janeyousman@gmail.com) ​

Merchandise Coordinator: Melissa Dempsey

Jamboree Coordinator: Ilicia Winokur (iswinokur@yahoo.com)

​If you have any questions regarding our league, coaching, goalie training, summer camps, registration problems etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@whyfh.net