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What are the WHYFH League player expectations?

As long as your child comes to every practice and works hard, we strive to be fair and equitable with play time.

The league is divided into three divisions:  

  • The sticklettes division is for incoming 3rd and 4th graders.
  • The junior division is for incoming 5th and 6th graders.
  • The senior division is for incoming 7th and 8th graders.

Sticklettes Division:

The goal of this division is to INTRODUCE the basic fundamentals thru drills and skills.  We will teach some basic positioning and basic rules of the game in a 6 vs 6 set up.  There is one practice per week, games are on Saturday or Sunday. Score is not kept but games are refereed. 

Junior Division:

The junior division will play full field (100X60) with a goalie (11 vs 11). The junior division is development based, and will focus on skills, drills, and intramural play.  There will be two practices per week. Games are on the weekend and will be held locally. Score is not kept but games are refereed.  

Senior Division:

The primary goal of this league is to build on the foundation that the players learned (to grow and love:) over the past few years. Similar to the junior division, the senior division will be development based, but will focus on higher level skills (and some strategy) and drills.  In addition, the senior division will consist of both intramural and interscholastic play. There will be two practices per week, and most games are on the weekend. Score is not kept for intra-league games. Depending on availibility, there might be some away games for each senior team as well.  

How long is the field hockey season?

The season will begin in late August and will end in early November.

What is WHYFH's refund policy?

West Hartford Youth Field Hockey will refund the registration payment, minus the cost of the uniform and less a $10 processing charge, if you withdraw your child prior to the first practice. If you withdraw your child within the first two weeks of the beginning of the season, WHYFH will refund you 50% (again, minus the cost of the uniform and less a $10 processing charge). 

How early do I bring my child to their game?

20 minutes prior to the game, dressed and ready.

What equipment does my child need? 

The player is responsible for stick, mouth guard, shin guards, and protective eyewear . The rules state that girls cannot wear any jewelry - including earrings and rope/string bracelets. Jewelry/Earrings may NOT be taped.